Deloitte and Amazon hosting space technology challenge

13 September 2019 3 min. read
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Deloitte and Amazon are set to use their digital clout to organise ‘The Gravity Challenge’, designed to facilitate innovation in the domain of space technology. The event marks a celebration of Space Week 2019 in Adelaide, which runs from September 30th till October 4th.

The Gravity Challenge will act as a platform for a number of stakeholders in the fast developing field of space technology to converge, ranging from students and academics to entrpreneurs and established business leaders, with involvement from the government as well.

The aim is to leverage advanced space solutions to solve real world problems in the industrial, social and environmental sphere. Deloitte will contribute its digital and space capabilities to contribute to the event, while Amazon will contribute the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, and all the expertise therein.

Deloitte’s Australia outfit is familiar with AWS capabilities – the Big Four firm is a global technology and implementation partner of and in Australia, AWS is one of the key offerings of Deloitte’s technology arm. At the event, both companies will showcase their capabilities to inform businesses and entrepreneurs of the possibilities that exist when it comes to space technology.

Deloitte and Amazon hosting space technology challenge

“Industries like defence, mining, insurance and agriculture are facing increasingly difficult problems today. But a lot of companies don’t know that space data and solutions can be applied to almost any industry,” explained Rob Hillard, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Deloitte Australia in a statement.

“So we’re encouraging businesses to put forward their most pressing issues, and let’s see if Australia’s best innovators can solve them, accelerating return on investment and creating new market offerings,” he added. Alongside exposure to space technology, the event will also create awareness about the overall business benefits of technology.

Recent analysis has shown that while many Australian businesses have hopped on the digital bandwagon, a large segment remains weary of the high costs and the relatively high level of risk involved in advanced digital integration. The Gravity Challenge will reach entrepreneurs and small businesses alike, allowing them to see the benefits of advanced digital tools.

“The Challenge will improve the way we exploit space technology and data to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of key sectors of our economy, including mining, defence, transport, logistics, health, telecommunications, tourism and agriculture,” said South Australia Premier Steven Marshall.

Space Week 2019 is being organised in Adelaide for a reason – the city is rapidly becoming a hot hub for space research and activity. The Australian Space Agency is headquartered in the city, and plans of the agency show that it has set the target to triple the size of the country’s space industry by 2030.