PwC grows its mental wellbeing commitment with partnership

01 November 2019 3 min. read

Mental health technology company Medibio is helping out PwC employees with their psychological welfare following an agreement signed between the two firms. Medibio’s support will come in the form of access to its data-driven corporate mental wellness application Ilumen.

This is not the first collaboration between the firms. In 2018, Medibio conducted a mental health programme amongst employees of the Big Four accounting and consulting firm that proved highly successful. The new programme is set to last twelve months, and kicked-off last month. grows

Designed with the specific objective of improving corporate mental health, Ilumen is a biometric and data-driven application that monitors employee behaviour and patterns, using them to provide employers with a detailed set of recommendations to improve health and performance.

Features include mental wellness surveys and assessments, biometric monitoring and history-tracking, customised results for each individual, complete with access to mental wellness resources. According to Medibio’s website, the application is designed to help ‘understand the difference between a bad mood and a potentially dangerous health threat.’

PwC grows its mental wellbeing commitment with partnership

Working at a professional services firm of PwC’s profile is notoriously demanding, and employers at the firm will now be able to ensure that work conditions are among the smallest contributions to mental issues amongst its employees. PwC Australia has already been recognised for its initiatives to support employee-wellbeing, including being named among the top 20 best workplaces for new Australian dads.

As it continues to grow, the professional services firm is looking to ensure that its workforce remains healthy and motivated. “PwC is leading the way in implementing programs that assure, as much as possible, the wellbeing of their workforce,” said Jennifer Solitario, Senior Vice President of Corporate Health at Medibio.

“To that end, Ilumen will provide PwC Australia management with de-identified aggregate data to better support and manage the mental wellbeing of their workforce,” she said, while CEO at Medibio David Kaysen added, that “this agreement further demonstrates the interest and the need that we are seeing from the market in a variety of geographies for this technology.”

Chief People Officer at PwC Dorothy Hisgrove restated the importance of mental wellbeing, saying, “Initiatives such as this program are helping us to ‘dial up’ the dialogue around mental wellbeing across the firm, and increase our people’s awareness of the support that’s available to them at PwC.”