Tech consultancy Mantel Group ventures into the metaverse

20 December 2022 3 min. read
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As businesses explore the metaverse in more detail, they are turning to consultancies to help realise the technology’s potential. In response to growing demand, Mantel Group has launched a new service to support clients with their metaverse endeavours.

Founded in 2017, Mantel Group is an IT and technology consultancy with offices across Australia and New Zealand. The firm works with clients to build capability and solutions relevant to the rapidly changing digital marketplace.

The new metaverse-focused offering looks to help customers embrace the metaverse, as well as to leverage virtual reality in day-to-day business.

Tech consultancy Mantel Group ventures into the metaverse

Mantel Group’s virtual reality (VR) hub was initially delivered as a way to facilitate collaboration between Mantel’s many brands and their teams. It will now also provide a digital shared space, where they can support their clients remotely – while also helping them to develop their own VR usage.

Dan Bradby, Principal at Mantel Group, commented, “There are so many use cases for remote interaction that feels far more personable, and also allows for a greater experience through virtual reality. We have defaulted to chat bots and messaging for customer service due to the convenience during Covid-19, but this reduces the two-way interaction and ease of direction, especially when doing something technical.”

“Imagine being able to self-serve or be directed one-to-one through virtual demonstrations - specific to the support you need from the brand you purchased the product or service from.”

Through the use of Oculus VR headsets, team members across the eight brands at Mantel Group have been meeting weekly in a virtual environment. Users of the meta hub could simulate their presence anywhere, with examples provided by the firm including beachside meetings in the middle of the Australian winter, and more conventional meeting rooms when a serious presentation needs to be given with the best virtual audio/visual set up.

Beyond business-to-business work, Mantel Group also believes virtual reality could be deployed to help businesses facing disruption or changing due to customer expectations – and the company’s VR knowhow will be key in helping realise imaginative new solutions to meet these demands. For example, while online shopping has risen, customers still desire a top interactive experience when it comes to making sure products fit or suit them.

Heath Walker, Head of Marketing at Mantel Group, noted, “Imagine buying a car online, but still being able to sit ‘inside’ a vehicle whilst in your lounge, looking at the interior and exterior design, changing colour and interacting with the technology, all the time having a friend or family member also able to join you. Ordering your car whilst in that experience with the design you customise.”

“When delivered to your driveway, a similar experience could occur with a walkthrough of your new vehicle, but this time with augmented reality, to create a digital meets physical interaction. Making the experience personalised, interactive and easy.”

Looking ahead, Mantel will look to share its virtual reality and metaverse learnings with companies. Over the coming 12 months the firm will begin doing so in physical meet-ups at their hubs, but as soon as enough clients have headsets of their own, the firm plans to run them virtually as well.