Simon-Kucher unveils new branding on back of record revenues

26 February 2023 3 min. read
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Record revenues in excess of €500 million and years of continuous growth aren’t slowing commercial strategy and pricing consultancy Simon-Kucher from striving for more, with the firm unveiling a brand refresh to back its sharpened positioning.

Global growth strategy, pricing, and sales & marketing consulting specialist Simon-Kucher & Partners continues to smash through revenue barriers, last year cracking the €500 million mark after half a decade of significant growth.

Put most simply, Simon-Kucher has more than doubled the €250 million in revenues it generated in 2017, and now rakes in in excess of €560 million per year, last year growing by more than 20 percent.

Revenue of Simon-Kucher

Those figures equate to more than ten consecutive years of growth, despite the challenges of Covid-19. And rather than rest on its laurels, the firm has chosen to undertake a ‘brand refresh’ to inspire its next phase of growth. The update is not wildly drastic; the light maroon shade of Simon-Kucher’s previous background with white text has given way to a sharper black on white with a new subheading displayed in old colours; “unlocking better growth”.

The firm’s strategic shift in positioning is, however, more notable. Launched initially as a specialist in pricing, the firm has over the years also moved towards the sales and marketing segments. More recently, “our clients have looked for a more holistic approach. We are increasingly advising them on optimising every lever of their commercial strategy to drive growth,” explained co-CEO Mark Billige.

“The next chapter of our story is based on a very clear insight into something at the core of everything we do and something every company is challenged with globally: growth,” added Billige, who was appointed as co-CEO alongside Andreas von der Gathen in 2020, while company founder Hermann Simon etched his name in the consulting hall of fame.

“To put it simply, our vision is to be known as the world’s leading growth specialist.”

As to its growth specifics in 2022, the company credits the technology, media, & telecoms sector for fueling its latest growth spurt, alongside industrials and financial services. Simon-Kucher also noted North America as its fastest-growing geography, while highlighting its expansion to now encompass 30 countries worldwide, including new offices in South Africa and South Korea.

Simon-Kucher’s global headcount is now in the range of 2,000 employees, almost double the number five years ago.

In Australia, Simon-Kucher has a relatively small office with around 20 staff. The firm launched down under in 2010.