The top 10 technology trends to watch in 2023

27 February 2023 2 min. read
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Global technology services company HCLTech has released the 2023 edition of its annual Tech Trends report, providing an in-depth assessment of the technologies that will shape digital transformation in the years to come. A round-up of the top 10 trends.

Democratization of AI
2023 will witness wide-scale democratization of AI – from enabling chatbots to integrating into the chip industry for developing AI-ready hardware.

Low-code, no-code platforms
By 2024, low-code development will account for more than 65% of application development activities.

HLCTech - Tech Trends 2023

New entrants accelerating the shift to multi-cloud
Progression to multi-cloud will accelerate significantly in 2023. Sovereign and industry clouds will be more widely accepted, with more than half of the enterprises using industry cloud solutions by 2027.

Cybersecurity transformation will be backed up by quantum technologies
Industrial applications of quantum technologies will be realised in quantum-secure communications and optimising machine learning models with the help of quantum machine learning.

5G applications go mainstream
5G will become the de facto standard in the coming years, with increased collaboration between telecom companies and enterprises leading to innovative 5G applications growing manifold.

Rise of the ‘verse’
With technologies like 5G, AI and extended reality, organisations will continue to distinguish themselves by creating immersive experiences in the coming years.

Blockchain at the centre of the decentralised economy
In 2023, we can expect the emergence of a more web 3.0-focused blockchain that will feature cohesive interoperability, automation through smart contracts and seamless integration.

Technology to supercharge sustainability
We will see increased sensitisation toward green practices and how technology can be at the intersection to achieve sustainability-centric performance metrics and ESG goals.

Technology to elevate employee experiences
For nearly 50% of HR leaders globally, employee experience has become a top priority. Cutting-edge technologies will drive better experiences – from hiring and onboarding to upskilling and employee engagement.

Improved humanoid robot collaboration backed by computational empathy
Cobots or collaborative robots with safe behaviour around people will gather pace in the coming few years. Computational empathy will support this trend by detecting emotions and responding aptly.

Commenting on the top trends, Kalyan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Ecosystems at HCLTech, said: “Our 2023 report on the top 10 technology trends to watch out for this year will help enterprises be future-ready and build resilience within their organisation to thrive in any new normal.”