TMX Global expands into Europe with new office in London

19 March 2023 3 min. read
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Australian-origin supply chain consultancy TMX Global has expanded into Europe with the launch of a new office in London.

The supply chain specialist, founded in 2010 by Travis Erridge and Milan Andjelkovic, currently has offices across Australia, New Zealand, and in four Asian countries: Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

With around 200 staff across its footprint, TMX Global claims to be the largest independent supply chain consulting firm in the Asia Pacific region. As part of its growth strategy, the Melbourne-headquartered firm is now seeking to expand further West – with the UK its first stop (and the US rumoured to be next).

TMX Global expands into Europe with new office in London

“We’ve always had our sights on global expansion,” said Travis Erridge, CEO of TMX Global, who said that surging demand for supply chain expertise around the world now made it a logical time to take its internationalisation strategy to the next level.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain disruption has become one of the top concerns of executives worldwide, with the situation exacerbated by the war in Ukraine and mounting geopolitical pressures. “There has also been a dramatic move towards e-commerce and a shift in consumer demand,” said Erridge.

This trend has lifted demand for TMX Global’s key offerings: supply chain advisory across the lifecycle, the implementation of supply chain solutions, and support with the delivery of industrial property such as e-commerce warehouses. Over the past three years, TMX Global recorded about 360% growth in revenue, a move that was aided by a merger in 2020.

“The UK is an important market for the supply chain industry, and we see strong alignments in the TMX approach and the business needs of organisations in this region,” said Milan Andjelkovic, COO at TMX Global. “As a result of ongoing economic and political disruption worldwide, the pace of change is only accelerating in supply chains throughout the United Kingdom.”

Kickstarting its UK operation is a launching project with department store group Marks & Spencer. “They (Marks & Spencer) have complex challenges in terms of supply chains,” said Erridge. “We are working with their team to increase their business capabilities, efficiency and speed.”

Leading the UK team is Gerry Power, who has more than 30 years of experience in the supply chain sector, with 22 of those spent leading TNT operations in India and Malaysia. He has also held senior leadership roles delivering growth in the aviation, 4PL, and e-commerce space across the UK and Asian markets.

“I’m delighted to join TMX Global and head up the organisation’s expansion into the Europe and the United Kingdom. Events of the past three years have posed threats to supply chains in the EMEA region like we’ve never seen before. From Brexit to the pandemic, to the current challenges of the conflict in Ukraine – supply chains have been thrown into the spotlight and we’re seeing more organisations explore how they can ensure their operations are more robust, agile and flexible.”

“I’m excited to replicate TMX’s commitment to designing and delivering bespoke and tailored end-to-end supply chain strategies that help provide clients with a competitive edge.”