Australian Department of Defence extends Unisys contract

24 March 2016 2 min. read

Unisys contract with the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has been extended for an additional two years. The IT services contract will provide support for roughly 100,000 end users across 450 Defence locations throughout the country. The deal will also see Unisys provide the DoD with emergency response and drill support, and is valued at $54 million.

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has approximately 20,000 employees at the start of last year, and has budget in excess of $31.9 billion for the 2015/2016 period. Since 2008, the DoD has been supported by Unisys’ Australian subsidiary.

Unisys has provisioned the ADoD with a flexible workforce model based on man-hour capacity and prioritised services. The model supports the Department with price predictability, control over workforce efforts and focus, as well as workforce use reporting. To facilitate the successful running of the model, Unisys will continue to provide a range of IT support services.

Department of Defence extends Unisys contract

The global information technology firm will also provide emergency disaster and support for flooding and bushfire response to the DoD as well as support for joint service and international military exercises. The firm has strived to provide a flexible workforce model and as a strong history and experience working with public sector organisations both locally and internationally.

Unisys has also been working with Department of Immigration and Border Protection since 2007, and has extended its contract in 2013 worth AU$104.1 million.

Lysandra Schmutter, Public Sector Lead at Unisys in Asia Pacific, says that the firm is “delighted” about the continuation of the contract with the ADoD, adding that: "Our renewal with the Department of Defence is a testament to the value we collectively have brought to provide a high quality of services and insights to support the critical operations across their bases nationwide. Our focus is on the critical role of base operations in defence and ensuring they are executing efficiently and effectively at all times.”