Stefani Anastasieska reflects on the value of her graduate training

23 April 2024 3 min. read
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Now into her fifth year at Partners in Performance, Stefani Anastasieska has grown the ranks from graduate through to senior associate. Hot on the heels of Partners in Performance opening up applications for its 2025 Graduate Program, we spoke with Stefani about how the program has helped her kickstart her career.

The Graduate Program of Partners in Performance is renowned for fostering talent and empowering young professionals to explore diverse industries.

After initially completing a pharmacy degree and establishing herself as a fully qualified commercial pharmacist, in 2020 Stefani decided to embark on her career transition into the management consulting world by applying to the Graduate Program.

Stefani Anastasieska, Partners in Performance

“Perhaps surprisingly, my role in pharmacy had given me a lot of transferable skills that made me very well equipped for a new career in consultancy that would be focussed on problem-solving and analytical thinking.”

Reflecting on the interview process with Partners in Performance, Stefani recalls the hands-on and personal nature of the interactions even at this early stage. “Partners in Performance immediately seemed different from other consulting firms I was looking at, and what really stood out was how they prioritised direct engagement over standardised assessments.”

Stefani credits the development model of Partners in Performance’s Graduate Program as playing a crucial role in shaping her now thriving consulting career. She expressed: “The apprenticeship programme which is a six-week initiative had such an impact in allowing me to gain hands-on experience without the pressure of immediate client deliverables.”

“The ongoing training and mentorship, combined with monthly team training sessions, contributed to remarkable and continuous skill enhancement.”

“Within the first year of the program I was given access to a huge breadth of experiences ranging from organisational design to procurement and public sector work. The structure ensures that graduates receive exposure to different industries and service lines, preventing pigeonholing too early.”

Building on the experiences she gained, Stefani’s experienced rapid progression, moving from a business analyst to an associate and eventually a senior associate in just three years. She believes this success is down to the significance of the learning curve and the independence gained during each role.

Jane Algie, partner at Partners in Performance, says the program is designed to equip graduates with the tools needed to fast track their careers: “What really makes the Partners in Performance graduate program different from others is the strong skills foundation and variety of experiences that graduates are exposed to from the start.”

“We don't pigeonhole but instead, we have created a program that supports the development of hard and soft skills alike, giving equal importance to technical expertise as well as the ability to showcase critical and creative thinking.”

Founded in 1996, Partners in Performance has over 500 consultants and staff operating from seven offices worldwide. The firm ranks as one of the leading consulting firms in Australia.