Pollen Consulting Group

Creating great things from small humble beginnings defines the ethos of Pollen Consulting Group.

We are fast becoming the go to people for value chain transformations, bottom-line performance and fostering collaboration in the FMCG sector. Our refreshing approach means we are approachable, fun, straight talkers who will work with you and your business to find the best possible solutions to your greatest challenges.

We’ve partnered with family-run businesses to ASX listed companies by delivering engagements that focus on values rather than process.

We believe to truly find a new outcome we must blend our experience, your experience, the ways you work and the ideas we generate. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your businesses to improve bottom-line profitability.

"We are shaping the tomorrow for our clients and with it bring a new energy and perception to the word consultancy."

Our advice and support comes with a deep and intrinsic understanding of our partners’ business and we recognise that our services must be flexible to our partners’ needs, so we tailor our solutions for each project:

Manufacturing Excellence - We shape our capabilities to meet your needs and are willing to share the risk on delivery.

Supply chain Efficiency - Your supply chain is more than just a shed and a truck. We think from field to fork and are proud to redefine the delivery of supply chain efficiency.

Asset Advisory - Making your investments work harder for you. We blend engineering expertise with business acumen.

Training Academy - Industry specific Lean training that puts learning  into action on the shop-floor and guarantees ROI.

Technology Accelerators - Industry 4.0 will soon be in the past, and without investment in Tech, so will you. Our team constantly scan the market for the latest tech and insights to improve your business.

Strategy in Action - Putting the big picture together and making it happen. We take a practical approach to operational strategies combining our inhouse and partner capability to put a journey together that delivers what you need.

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