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State of Matter is a unique organisation. We provide the talent and expertise to design, manage and implement significant change. We specialise in these disciplines:

  • Project Delivery
  • Management Consulting
  • Organisational Change
  • Governance
  • Business Analysis
Of course plenty of other businesses work in those areas. The difference is how we go about it. We always focus on results. We’re not there land and expand. We come in, identify the issues, address them, pass on IP and, having achieved our goals within the agreed timeframe and budget, we move on. We’re always looking for a new solution, not the same old approach. It’s all about finding a new way, a better way. We’ve got some great clients for whom we’ve consistently delivered results (have a look at the case studies on this website). We’ve achieved those results by working with some very creative thinkers. And creative thinkers work best in a simple, hassle-free, supportive working environment that frees them up to focus on the work, without distractions or red tape.
That’s why you’ll love working with us, either as a permanent employee or a contracting consultant. We’re all different. Indeed, we embrace difference. You have own career goals, and we’ll support you on your journey. You’re not on a program. You’re unique and our role is to progress the career that’s right for you. Working at State of Matter is more than an opportunity to be a part of new consultancy. It’s a chance to be part of a new working community. So get the ball rolling, email your resume to . Or check out the opportunities on our Linkedin careers page right now.

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