Capgemini launches Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Lab in Australia

05 September 2014 3 min. read

Capgemini, the global IT and consulting firm has recently launched a brand new Digital research unit in Melbourne. The unit will operate under the banner of ‘Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Lab (SMAC)’, will aid Capgemini to exemplify its expertise in the field of Digital and showcase its project delivery and support.

Clients of consulting firms are increasingly demanding expertise in Digital fields. With the rise of industry 4.0 technologies and digital channels, digitisation, big data & analytics, social media and cloud are becoming fruitful pickings for consultants.

According to a recent research from Capgemini, over 89% of large companies across the globe currently utilise at least one major technology tools in the marketplace.

Firms are beginning to respond to these demands by proportionately growing their digital capabilities. This is being done in a few main ways, by stockpiling on Digital skills, knowhow and talent, mergers and acquisitions and by expanding their global research and delivery capacity.

Capgemini launches Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Lab in Australia

Familiar ground

For Capgemini the digital space is familiar landscape. The professional services firm was one of the first in the industry to fully process the potential of Digital transformation and have since made it a centre of their offerings. Embarking in the field, the firm, in 2009 it unveiled its new strategy completely focused on Digital, centring ‘Digitzation’ as a fundamental pillar stone.

Ever since, Capgemini has maintained a leading position for digital professional services in the market. The firm scores highly in several of multiple market rankings which are published on an annual basis. This has been attributed to the firms prestigious thought leadership partnership with the MIT in the United States.

For example, last year Capgemini’s management consulting unit Capgemini Consulting was, alongside Deloitte and Strategy&, acclaimed as one of the market leaders in the area of digital strategy consulting.

In Australia, Capgemini has upwards of 1,800 employees, of which a large section have set their sights on enabling companies’ digital transformations. The French firm has now decided to expand its offerings with the launch of a ‘Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Lab (SMAC) Lab’, a unit that will provide Capgemini clients with “an immersive digital experience that helps them embark on their digital transformation journey” says Deepak Nangia, CEO Capgemini Australia and New Zealand.

In essence, the SMAC Lab will provide three key services to clients across the board: innovation, showcasing best practice solutions and supporting project delivery through expertise and solutions. The Lab will, according to Nangia, work closely with firms in Capgemini’s network, which includes partners, universities and start-ups. Although the new centre is based in Australia, the SMAC Lab will also work closely with Capgemini’s 30+ global labs and centres of excellence, both in the area of innovation and project delivery.

Sudhir Pai, Capgemini Australia Technology Officer added, “The SMAC Lab is a highly interactive, physical and virtual workplace providing our clients with a wide array of tools and solutions for their digital transformation needs. Focused on the SMAC theme (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), it will provide a platform to demonstrate thought leadership and capabilities in leading technologies across industry sectors.”