August Consulting helps hospitals with supply chain improvement

08 February 2023 4 min. read

Over the past months, experts from August Consulting have helped one of its clients improve its supply chain operating model, creating efficiencies, consolidating functions and enabling continuous improvement.

The client, an organisation in the healthcare sector, wanted an optimal solution for its medical/surgical supply chain that complied with AS4187 standards.

The organisation engaged August Consulting – a procurement and supply chain specialist – to implement the selected option and other supply chain improvement recommendations from an initial warehousing and inventory management model review.

August Consulting helps hospitals with supply chain improvement

Delivered as part of its supply chain diagnostics & improvements service line, August Consulting led and project managed the implementation of the recommendations across two main metro hospitals, engaging with key stakeholders including clinical, supply and IT staff.

After mapping the current supply chain, the firm’s consultants evaluated all warehousing and logistics options (consolidation, centralisation and outsourcing) from both an economic and organisational change standpoint to determine the best solution.

August Consulting then helped implement several process, technology and people-based improvements across the medical/surgical supplychains, including inventory management policies, as well as delivered the operationalisation of the solution.

The multiple outcomes of this project included:

  • Improving efficiency of key processes and systems
  • Consolidating the supply function across two hospitals
  • Redesigning the infrastructure, systems and processes to support a new metro supply warehouse
  • Enabling continuous improvement of the supply function, including creating new roles and cross-hospital functions
  • Updating the stocking policy, goods receipting policy, and standardising purchasing and warehouse processes
  • Consolidating stock lines across the organisation, and reducing the working capital at the warehouse by $300k

Founded in 2018, August Consulting specialises in procurement and supply chain services. The firm services clients from diverse industries, including healthcare, aged care, manufacturing, education, agriculture, and oil & gas.