Sententia Consulting

Sententia Consulting is an impact-centric, Canberra-based consultancy made of big thinkers who solve unique business problems.

Established in 2020 in a time of uncertainty, Sententia Consulting set out to move away from the idea of meaningless consultancy, motivated by the disconnect between brand promise and service quality. We understood that the most significant component of true consultancy isn’t just sheer volume of problem solvers or resources, but rather unique thinkers who can navigate complex problems, build personal trust, and be concise.

Founded on clear principles, Sententia Consulting will always look to make positive contributions to society, simplify complex problems, work efficiently & effectively and deliver the difficult messages. We will not leave our clients feeling stranded, we won’t move the goalposts, we won’t create surprises, and we will never sacrifice on quality.

We keep our experienced team at the forefront to implement mature and tested strategy ensuring nothing is overlooked. We set out to understand your problems, leave you feeling protected, armed to manage risk, and better equipped to contribute to society.

We work closely with our local and national clients to offer expert advice and genuine support in the areas of:
- Strategy & Risk Management
- Audit, Assurance & Review
- Project Confidence
- Probity & Integrity
- Financial Management & Accounting

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