WA Health green lights state-wide SAP SuccessFactors implementation

20 February 2022 Consultancy.com.au 2 min. read

A combined $220 million ten-year contract has been awarded to ERP giant SAP and implementation partner Deloitte to overhaul Western Australia’s health services human resources systems.

Professional services firm Deloitte has scored a $166 million contract from WA Health to design and implement a new Human Resource Management Information System  catering to more than 50,000 Western Australian health system employees.

The state-wide roll-out follows an earlier pilot at three WA hospitals trialling SAP software, with the latter to also receive over $50 million in licensing fees covering up to ten years.

WA Health green lights state-wide SAP SuccessFactors implementation

Slated for completion by the middle of 2025, Deloitte has been tasked with designing, building, testing and deploying the HRMIS as well providing application support services for ten years, with the option to extend for an additional decade to 2042. Deloitte will implement SAP SuccessFactors, an integrated cloud-based HR, payroll and rostering platform designed to improve the ease of access to information for employees.

WA Health stated that the HRMIS, which it described as simpler, more accurate and reliable than the current system in place, would enable employees to easily access information about their pay, leave and shifts securely on their own devices at any time.

The health agency also noted that the implementation would lead to less manual processing and paper-based HR forms, and support the ambition to adopt a more agile way of working.

“Looking forward to our partnership with WA Health. The integrated HRMIS will support an agile workforce to better respond to the changing health needs of the WA community,” SuccessFactors president Jill Popelka stated on Twitter, while Deloitte’s recently appointed Chief Transformation Officer Dennis Krallis stating that the upgraded system will allow for more “collaboration, differentiation and innovation.”

Selected from a total of eleven tender submissions, the combined $220 million contract awarded to SAP and Deloitte follows a successful proof-of-concept trialled among select staff at three of WA’s metropolitan and regional public hospitals – Royal Perth Hospital, Broome Health Campus and Derby Hospital – between April and September of last year, and accords with a 2019 Sustainable Health Review recommending improved workforce planning.

In replacing four legacy systems, the Department of Health also said that the move to a contemporary HRMIS using a subscription-based software service would provide greater flexibility and better monetary value in line with the WA Government’s Digital Strategy 2021–2025.

Last week, the government unveiled its first digital roadmap, covering 22 initiatives across twelve agencies supported by a $500 million digital transformation fund.