Restructuring advisory Cor Cordis unveils bold new branding

09 January 2024 2 min. read
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Taking a step toward the future, Australian restructuring and advisory firm Cor Cordis has unveiled its refreshed branding, which includes dynamic new imagery, bold colours, and an updated website.

Business advisory and restructuring firm Cor Cordis is entering the new year with a new brand identity, built around the ethos ‘Brave Futures’.

The visual update – which retains the core of the consultancy’s logo and colours but with an added flourish – has also been supported through the launch of a dynamic new website and video release, with the firm describing the move as a significant step forward in its 17-year journey.

“We’re excited to unveil our refreshed brand, marking an era of growth, transformation and resilience,” stated Cor Cordis CEO Daniel Juratowitch, who has been with the firm as a founding partner since its establishment in 2006. Since that time, Cor Cordis has expanded from its Melbourne base to include outlets in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and most recently Parramatta, with its national headcount pushing beyond the 100-mark.

The ‘Brave Futures’ tag, the firm says, represents the next phase in its commitment to helping businesses navigate through complex financial challenges, while acting as a milestone for its own evolution. Building on its insolvency heritage, Cor Cordis today provides a range of specialised services in the areas of turnaround & restructuring, advisory, and forensics and investigations.

The brand update was led by Cor Cordis national marketing director Lidia Bufalino, a one-time strategic programs executive director with Ernst & Young, who, alongside creative partners Blunt Agency, was tasked with infusing new vitality into an existing brand while preserving its original integrity, so as to capture the essence of the firm today and align it to future growth aspirations.

While the design and typography of the logo remain the same, the black wordmark on grey background has been made white-on-black where possible, such that in some materials the orange of the brand icon pops out with greater vibrancy. The designers have also incorporated fresh imagery and a new photographic style, with each element chosen to “echo the brand’s core attributes of dynamic, bold, contemporary, and authentic.”

The accompanying promotional video also spells out exactly what the added tag-line means to the firm and its people, reading; “Together we ignite change and drive positive impact. The business landscape is changing. Evolving economic conditions have led to financial challenges, demanding agility and expert guidance. We’ve embraced brave futures, the catalyst or turning uncertainty into clarity.”