Infosys providing Australian Open fans with data-driven insights

22 January 2020 3 min. read

Infosys is now involved in its second Australian Open as the tournament’s official digital innovation partner, and is this year serving up a range of new digital tools. Australian Open 2020 will feature more than ten new digital experiences, ranging from artificial intelligence based highlights to app personalisation.

Data analytics will play a central role in the latest tournament experience. The Infosys Tennis Platform (ITP) is what Infosys describes as the “digital brain” behind fan and consumer data this year. ITP is an open-source, poly-cloud aggregator that has the capacity to process several data points simultaneously.

Player data is then analysed through a variety of applications to generate statistics on form and performance. ITP has two central features, namely Infosys MatchBeats and Infosys AI Clips. MatchBeats is effectively a shot-by-shot, point-by-point breakdown of an entire game, designed to present a comprehensive overview.

This year, MatchBeats has been spruced up to include filters for pivotal moments in the game, as well as for individual serves and shots. Infosys AI Clips, meanwhile, is an AI-based highlights reel that is compiled using automated analysis of a game using more than 100 filters and more than 1,000 potential permutations.

Outside of the ITP, games are broken down in the Match Centre, where fans can access a 3D simulation of each point, a list of a game’s most pivotal statistics, and a detailed overview of shot power trends. To top it off, AI-based applications have also been programmed to respond to crowd reactions and emotion. 

AI can analyse crowd emotion and reaction to determine the moments in the crucial moments in the game, which is then used to create a highlights reel. Speed is of the essence, and an AI-based ‘story’ of each game is ready within two minutes of its conclusion, to be accessed by the media, fans and players.

Fans also have new options by way of non-tennis entertainment on the tournament grounds. The new Australian Open 2020 app not only gives updates on games and schedules, but also has information on restaurants, cafes, concerts and other events around the grounds. Add to this the fact that fans can have a virtual reality tennis-playing experience – even on the moon if so desired – and the new Australian Open fan experience is complete.

Infosys was brought on board as Official Digital Innovation Partner in 2018, and has since been working on evolving the digital experience. According to the technology firm, the new applications are not only a means to a more holistic tournament experience, but a demonstration to enterprises on how cutting-edge applications can augment customer experience.

The Australian Open is the firm grand slam of the year. In the men’s singles, world number one Rafael Nadal, defending champion Novak Djokovic and Swiss maestro Roger Federer are the favourites, while in the women’s singles, record grand slam holder Serena Williams is the favourite, followed by Naomi Osaka and Ashleigh Barty.